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As one of the 3D Modeler, Special Effects Producer, Animator, and exclusively to me; the ending scene, I was in charge of creating multiple models in Autodesk Inventor. I created a pulley system along with other various parts that made up the whole system in Autodesk Inventor. I had to sketch up and design different concepts for the pulley system I was going to be creating. I was also in charge of creating the office environment along with all the essential needed for it the be an office, such as the desktop computer, the drafting table, various architectural tools, a water cooler, just one office partition and other various models I created including our three names. I was also in charge of applying the office materials, lighting and the creation of the animation. Other models I designed were the funnel, bucket, red ball, and a secondary pulley that wasn’t added to this video because of time issues. During the final project I spent a generous amount of time utilizing all the programs I learned during this 2 year program. I never imagined I was going to be exercising all my skills, putting to use all the programs I’ve learned throughout this project. There are many things we all shared and learned though this journey. I obtained a lot of incredibly useful information, experience and intelligence. We’ve done a great job in constructing a Rube Goldberg structure and trying to give a sense of what this mechanism actually does, which is to complete a simple task, but though a complicated obstacle so that the simple task can be done automatically.

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After 4 hard semesters full of Digital Design Graphics Technology, I am proud to see what my teammates and I were able to accomplish in our final video project. Even though it was only 3 of us left Only the Strong will Survive DDGT”. I was in charge of the Gantt chart, that tracked our progress threw out the 6 weeks. The Conveyor Belt, which was a complex assembly which consisted of pulleys, rollers, drive pulleys, and a belt tightener- witch was modeled by Jonathan Costa Spring 2014, then I took it and modified it to fit my Conveyor Belt model. The Scale, Glass and Hammer Assembly was part of a big assembly, assembled to get the Ball from One Side Of the track to the other, often called (Rube Goldberg Machine). A Rube Goldberg machine is a contraption, invention, device or apparatus that is deliberately over-engineered or overdone to perform a very simple task in a very complicated fashion, usually including a chain reaction. The expression is named after American cartoonist and inventor Rube Goldberg (1883–1970).

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In the final project of 2015 I functioned as the File Manager, Website Designer, Story Board Illustrator and Video Editor and Producer. I also modeled and rigged the Tracks, Trolley and 3 Piston Engine within the Rube Course. I was in charge of finding audio samples and music as well. Special thanks to MUSOPEN for music. I primarily worked in Inventor for modeling, 3DS Max for animation, Premiere for video and audio editing, and After Effects for extra visual effects. Since it was only the three of us, it was challenging to put this together even within the 6 week time interval we had. Fortunately, we managed to crank out this masterpeice. I'm proud to say I was a small part of this fantastic finale. It's been an honor and privilege to work with the team and instructors. I have much to thank them for in helping me during this program and this project.

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