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     Autodesk Inventor offers a simplified user interface for viewing and editing 3D projects for mechanical design. The software is designed to build 3D models, intelligently work with and editing 3D data of most CAD (Computer Aided Design) file formats. Autodesk Inventor software features integrated industrial design tools that can help you easily explore and shape your design. Inventor’s simulation software helps evaluate and validate a product design. With near photorealistic visualization capabilities integrated directly within the design environment, you can share product designs representations to improve design communication with suppliers, partners and customers.

Below is an Autodesk Inventor project "Drill Press Bracket (14-35)"

Drill Press Bracket 1 Drill Press Bracket 2 Drill Press Bracket Drill Press Bracket  8

Drill Press Bracket 3

"left view"

Drill Press Bracket 6

"top view"

Drill Press Bracket 7

"bottom view"

Drill Press Bracket 4

"right view"


Below is an Autodesk Inventor project "Wheel Assembly (11-55)" 

Wheel Assembly 1 Wheel Assembly 3 Wheel Assembly 2 Wheel Assembly 6
  Wheel Assembly 4 Wheel Assembly 5  
     This Autodesk software creates stunning designs with AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design). You can document and detail work with productivity tools in both 2D and 3D formats. 

Below are various Autodesk AutoCAD projects:  

 Downloadable PDF for each project.

AutoCAD 8-83 AutoCAD 8-100 AutoCAD 9-35 AutoCAD 9-39


Below is AutoCAD assignment "Caster 9-51" 


AutoCAD 9-51 3D AutoCAD 9-51    

Below is AutoCAD assignment "Connector 13-48" 

AutoCAD 13-48 13-48 CONNECTOR    

Below is AutoCAD and Inventor assignment "Belt Tightener14-61"

AutoCAD 14-61_1 AutoCAD 14-61_2 AutoCAD 14-61_3 AutoCAD 14-61_4
AutoCAD 14-61_5 14-61    

 Below is AutoCAD assignment "Caster 14-90

AutoCAD 14-90_2 AutoCAD 14-90_3 AutoCAD 14-90_1  

 Below is 3dsMax assignment "Robotic Arm



 Below is 3dsMax assignment "Machine Vise



 Below is 3dsMax assignment "Machine Vise

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