Mark Sabaria


Welcome to My Website!

This website was done with a collaboration of different programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver

and Photoshop.

The projects were done in Autodesk Programs such as AutoCAD and Inventor. Also in Rhino 3D.

A brief description of AutoCAD is its a program where we draft and speed the process of documentation of a project. We can also make 3D models with this program.

Inventor is an Autodesk program that help make 3D product simulation, tooling creation and design communication.

Rhino 3D is the program for free-form 3D modeling tool that uses NURBS.


I hope you enjoy going through my website.

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Hoping to find a great job doing something I loved.


Grade 9 - Grade 12: Vallejo High School, 840 Nebraska St., Vallejo, CA, 94590

College: Napa Valley College, 2277 Napa-Vallejo Highway, Napa, CA, 94558


2007: Burger King, 3606 Sonoma Blvd., Vallejo, CA, 94590

2009 - Present: Kohl's, 2302 Monument Blvvd., Pleasant Hill, CA, 94523

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Inventor Projects

Photoshop Projects

AutoCAD Projects


Rhino 3D


About Me

This is Mark Sabaria's Website. He has created this using dreamweaver and photoshop. He is curently enrolled in Napa Valley College with an open mind about what to do in the future.

Mark likes to play alot of video games and play tennis. He also like long stroll in the park with his dog and likes to eat ice cream.

I came here in America about 9 years ago to see my brothers. My brothers came here before I got to. I'm also hoping to find opportunities that will help me succeed in my future.


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