Welcome to Saul Sandoval's Website.

I have dedicated this site to displaying my skills and abilities as both a 3D artist and a drafter. I tried to limit my self on the website to keep it on the simple side for function and professionalism. With that being said be sure to stop by the Biograpghy page so you can have a better understanding of my skills and back ground in the digital design industry as well as the manufacturing industry.

About Me

diligent - bold - spontaneous - innovative - ardent
The previous 5 words could very easily sum up the very essence of who I am, and what I stand for. Aside from that, I am a student enlisted in the DDGT (Digital Design Graphics Technology) program at N.V.C (Napa Valley College). I have a mechanical back ground, and love to ride and race motorcycles. To get a more in depth analysis of me check out my bio page.

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