Four years ago I stumbled across a 3D landscape program called Bryce. After downloading the demo I was hooked after a short amount of time. Since then I have been interested in all aspects of Digital Design . I switched my major from Wildlife Management to the Digital Design & Graphics Technology program at Napa Valley College.

This website is to act as a visual resume. The resume page is a true resume showing my experience, employment history, education and any other qualifications. The drafting page displays projects i have done in Autodesk's AutoCAD and Inventor programs. The graphic design page shows 3D art I have created in Vue d'Esprit in combination with Poser. There are also examples of photos I have enhanced or fixed. Examples of miscellaneous graphics i have created are also found here.

The web design page shows other web pages I have created. This page has also been created by myself. All graphics pertaining to the scheme of the website have been created with Photoshop. The websites have been created with Dreamweaver plus editing or adding code with html. The DDGT.Net button takes you back to the Digital Design & Graphics technology Program's website. Here you can find out more about the program itself, plus visit the sites of other students of the program.