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DDGT 120 FALL 2017
DDGT120 2017.08.15 TGC Ch5 Design Visualization
DDGT120 2017.08.16 TGC Ch6 Technical Drawing Tools
DDGT120 2017.08.16 Reading Metric Scales
DDGT120 2017.08.17 Ascent Ch1 Getting Started With AutoCAD
DDGT120 2017.08.17 Scales Architectural and Engineering
DDGT120 2017.08.21 AutoCAD Ch2 Basic Drawing and Editing Commands
DDGT120 2017.08.21 AutoCAD Ch4 Drawing Precision in AutoCAD
DDGT120 2017.08.22 TGC Ch7 Sketching and Text, Linetypes
DDGT120 2017.08.22 AutoCAD Ch5 Making Changes in Your Drawing
DDGT120 2017.08.23 4-37 Template Demo
DDGT120 2017.08.23 4-38 Carburetor Gasket
DDGT120 2017.08.24 Mapped Network Drives
DDGT120 2017.08.24 AutoCAD Ch7 Organizing Your Drawing With Layers
DDGT120 2017.08.24 TEMPLATES Session I - Layers
DDGT120 2017.08.28 TGC Ch8 Engineering Geometry and Construction
DDGT120 2017.08.30 AutoCAD Ch8 Advanced Object Types
DDGT120 2017.09.05 TGC Ch 10 Multiview Drawings
DDGT120 2017.09.06 AutoCAD Ch9 Analyzing Model and Object Properties
DDGT120 2017.09.11 AutoCAD Ch11 Advanced Editing Commands
DDGT120 2017.09.12 AutoCAD Ch12 Inserting Blocks
DDGT120 2017.09.12 TEMPLATES Session II - Blocks
DDGT120 2017.09.13 TGC Ch13 Auxiliary Views
DDGT120 2017.09.13 AutoCAD Ch27 Creating Templates
DDGT120 2017.09.14 AutoCAD Ch14 Setting up a Layout and Ch15 Printing Your Drawing
DDGT120 2017.09.14 TEMPLATES Session III - Layouts and Color Table
DDGT120 2017.09.18 TEMPLATES Session IV - Borders and Titleblocks
DDGT120 2017.09.19 AutoCAD Ch29 Annotation Styles TEMPLATES Session V - Annotation Styles
DDGT120 2017.09.20 AutoCAD Ch17 Text
DDGT120 2017.09.21 AutoCAD Ch17 Tables
DDGT120 2017.09.21 TEMPLATES Session VI - Table Styles
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DDGT 121 SPRING 2017
DDGT121 2017.01.18 AutoCAD 11-55 Wheel Assembly Overview and Demo
DDGT121 2017.01.19 11-55 Wheel Assembly Inventor Demo
DDGT121 2017.01.23 AutoCAD Revision Tools Demo
DDGT121 2017.01.23 Ch10 Threaded Fasteners Part 1
DDGT121 2017.01.24 Inventor Revision Tools Demo
DDGT121 2017.01.24 Ch10 Fasteners Part 2
DDGT121 2017.01.25 Inventor Ch1 Introduction to Autodesk Inventor
DDGT121 2017.01.25 Inventor Ch2 Creating the Base Feature Part A
DDGT121 2017.01.26 Inventor Ch2 Creating the Base Feature Part B
DDGT121 2017.01.26 Inventor Ch3 Additional Sketching Tools Part A
DDGT121 2017.01.30 Inventor Ch3 Additional Sketching Tools Part B
DDGT121 2017.01.30 Inventor Ch4 Advanced Sketch Editing Tools
DDGT121 2017.01.31 Inventor Ch5 Sketched Secondary Features
DDGT121 2017.01.31 Inventor Ch6 Creating Pick and Place Features
DDGT121 2017.02.01 Inventor Ch7 Work Features
DDGT121 2017.02.01 Inventor Ch8 Equations
DDGT121 2017.02.02 Inventor Ch9 Additional Features
DDGT121 2017.02.02 Inventor Ch10 Model and Display Manipulation
DDGT121 2017.02.06 Inventor Ch11 Fixing Problems
DDGT121 2017.02.06 Inventor Ch12 Sweep Features
DDGT121 2017.02.06 Inventor Ch13 Loft Features Part A
DDGT121 2017.02.08 Inventor Ch14 Duplication Tools
DDGT121 2017.02.09 Inventor Ch15 Feature Relationships
DDGT121 2017.02.09 Inventor 14-35 Drill Press Bracket Demo
DDGT121 2017.02.13 Inventor Ch16 Assembly Enviroment
DDGT121 2017.02.13 Inventor Ch17 Joint Connections
DDGT121 2017.02.14 Inventor Ch18 Manipulating Assembly Display
DDGT121 2017.02.14 Inventor Ch19 Model Information
DDGT121 2017.02.14 Inventor Ch20 Presentation Files
DDGT121 2017.02.14 Inventor 3D Sketches
DDGT121 2017.02.15 Inventor Ch21 Assembly Tools
DDGT121 2017.02.15 Inventor Ch22 Assembly Parts and Features
DDGT121 2017.02.15 Inventor Ch23 Assembly Bill of Materials
DDGT121 2017.02.16 Inventor Ch24 Working With Projects
DDGT121 2017.02.16 Inventor Ch25 Drawing Basics
DDGT121 2017.02.21 Inventor Ch26 Detailing Drawings
DDGT121 2017.02.21 Inventor Ch27 Drawing Annotations
DDGT121 2017.02.21 Inventor Ch28 Customizing Autodesk Inventor
DDGT121 2017.02.23 Logo Description
DDGT121 2017.02.27 Ch11 Miscellaneous Types of Fasteners Part A
DDGT121 2017.02.28 Ch11 Miscellaneous Types of Fasteners Part B
DDGT121 2017.03.02 Photoshop Theory
DDGT121 2017.03.06 Photoshop Layers Brushes Masks and Adjustments
DDGT121 2017.03.07 Photoshop Poster Session 1
DDGT121 2017.03.08 Photoshop Poster Session 2
DDGT121 2017.03.09 Photoshop Poster Session 3
DDGT121 2017.03.13 Photoshop Poster Session 4
DDGT121 2017.03.13 Photoshop Adjustment Layers Demo
DDGT121 2017.03.14 Photoshop Adjustment Tools Continued
DDGT121 2017.03.14 Working with Scanned Images
DDGT121 2017.03.16 Photoshop Vector Shapes - Wikimedia Logo
DDGT121 2017.03.20 Photoshop Paths and Shapes
DDGT121 2017.03.21 AutoCAD to Photoshop Demo 1
DDGT121 2017.03.22 Advanced Logos Hazard Demo
DDGT121 2017.03.22 Advanced Logos Superman
DDGT121 2017.03.22 Photoshop Scaling Blending Options, Gradients, Clipping Masks
DDGT121 2017.03.23 Photoshop Business Card
DDGT121 2017.03.27 Photoshop Contact Sheets and Animated GIF
DDGT121 2017.03.28 Student Button
DDGT121 2017.03.28 Website Layout Ideas
DDGT121 2017.04.03 Ch13 Forming Processes - Castings
DDGT121 2017.04.04 Ch13 Forming Processes - Forgings and Powder Metallurgy
DDGT121 2017.04.05 Ch13 Forming Processes - Plastic Molds
DDGT121 2017.04.05 AutoCAD Templates Business Card Updates
DDGT121 2017.04.06 Inventor Templates Business Card Updates
DDGT121 2017.04.06 Web Fonts
DDGT121 2017.04.17 Dreamweaver Theory
DDGT121 2017.04.18 Web Design Overview and Setup, Backgrounds
DDGT121 2017.04.19 Web Design - Text and Link CSS Styles
DDGT121 2017.04.20 Web Design - Tables
DDGT121 2017.04.24 Web Design - Navigation Ideas and Footer
DDGT121 2017.04.25 Web Design - Meta Data and Favicon
DDGT121 2017.04.25 Web Design - Content From AutoCAD
DDGT121 2017.04.26 Web Design - Content From Inventor
DDGT121 2017.04.27 Web Design - Page Content
DDGT121 2017.05.08 Ch12 Materials Part I
DDGT121 2017.05.09 Ch12 Materials Part II
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DDGT 241 Spring 2017
DDGT241 2017.01.18 Robotic Arm Overview
DDGT241 2017.01.19 Final Project Overview
DDGT241 2017.01.23 3ds Max Robotic Arm Demo Part 1
DDGT241 2017.01.23 3ds Max Robotic Arm Demo Part 2
DDGT241 2017.01.24 3ds Max Robotic Arm Vacuum Cup Blend Shape Demo
DDGT241 2017.01.25 Premiere 4K Export Settings
DDGT241 2017.01.30 After Effects Intro and Logo Description
DDGT241 2017.01.31 Multipass Rendering out of 3ds Max
DDGT241 2017.02.01 3ds Max Setup for Compositor Link
DDGT241 2017.02.01 MultiPass Compositing in After Effects
DDGT241 2017.02.01 Autodesk Compositor Link Setup for After Effects
DDGT241 2017.02.02 Compositor Link in After Effects DDGT241 2017.02.14 Inventor 3D Sketches
DDGT241 2017.03.13 AutoCAD Ch2 Advanced Text Objects
DDGT241 2017.03.13 AutoCAD Ch3 Working with Tables Part A
DDGT241 2017.03.14 AutoCAD Ch3 Working With Tables Part B
DDGT241 2017.03.14 AutoCAD Ch5 Dynamic Blocks Part A
DDGT241 2017.03.15 AutoCAD Ch5 Dynamic Blocks Part B
DDGT241 2017.03.15 AutoCAD Ch6 Attributes Part A
DDGT241 2017.03.16 TEMPLATE IMPERIAL Dynamic Title Block Attribute Definition location updates
DDGT241 2017.03.20 AutoCAD Ch6 Attributes Part B
DDGT241 2017.03.20 AutoCAD Ch8 Output and Publishing
DDGT241 2017.03.21 AutoCAD Ch9 Other Tools for Collaboration
DDGT241 2017.03.21 AutoCAD Ch10 Cloud Collaboration and 2D Automation
DDGT241 2017.03.27 AutoCAD Ch11 Introduction to Sheet Sets
DDGT241 2017.03.29 AutoCAD Ch12 Publishing and Customizing Sheet Sets
DDGT241 2017.04.03 AutoCAD Ch14 Managing Layers
DDGT241 2017.04.04 AutoCAD Ch15 CAD Standards
DDGT241 2017.04.05 AutoCAD Ch16 System Setup
DDGT241 2017.04.17 AutoCAD Ch17 Introduction to Customization
DDGT241 2017.04.18 AutoCAD Ch18 Customizing the User Interface
DDGT241 2017.04.19 AutoCAD Ch19 Macros and Custom Routines