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Class Lectures
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DDGT 120 FALL 2017
DDGT120 2017.08.15 TGC Ch5 Design Visualization
DDGT120 2017.08.16 TGC Ch6 Technical Drawing Tools
DDGT120 2017.08.16 Reading Metric Scales
DDGT120 2017.08.17 Ascent Ch1 Getting Started With AutoCAD
DDGT120 2017.08.17 Scales Architectural and Engineering
DDGT120 2017.08.21 AutoCAD Ch2 Basic Drawing and Editing Commands
DDGT120 2017.08.21 AutoCAD Ch4 Drawing Precision in AutoCAD
DDGT120 2017.08.22 TGC Ch7 Sketching and Text, Linetypes
DDGT120 2017.08.22 AutoCAD Ch5 Making Changes in Your Drawing
DDGT120 2017.08.23 4-37 Template Demo
DDGT120 2017.08.23 4-38 Carburetor Gasket
DDGT120 2017.08.24 Mapped Network Drives
DDGT120 2017.08.24 AutoCAD Ch7 Organizing Your Drawing With Layers
DDGT120 2017.08.24 TEMPLATES Session I - Layers
DDGT120 2017.08.28 TGC Ch8 Engineering Geometry and Construction
DDGT120 2017.08.30 AutoCAD Ch8 Advanced Object Types
DDGT120 2017.09.05 TGC Ch 10 Multiview Drawings
DDGT120 2017.09.06 AutoCAD Ch9 Analyzing Model and Object Properties
DDGT120 2017.09.11 AutoCAD Ch11 Advanced Editing Commands
DDGT120 2017.09.12 AutoCAD Ch12 Inserting Blocks
DDGT120 2017.09.12 TEMPLATES Session II - Blocks
DDGT120 2017.09.13 TGC Ch13 Auxiliary Views
DDGT120 2017.09.13 AutoCAD Ch27 Creating Templates
DDGT120 2017.09.14 AutoCAD Ch14 Setting up a Layout and Ch15 Printing Your Drawing
DDGT120 2017.09.14 TEMPLATES Session III - Layouts and Color Table
DDGT120 2017.09.18 TEMPLATES Session IV - Borders and Titleblocks
DDGT120 2017.09.19 AutoCAD Ch29 Annotation Styles TEMPLATES Session V - Annotation Styles
DDGT120 2017.09.20 AutoCAD Ch17 Text
DDGT120 2017.09.21 AutoCAD Ch17 Tables
DDGT120 2017.09.21 TEMPLATES Session VI - Table Styles
DDGT120 2017.09.25 TEMPLATES Session VII - Legend and Imperial ANSI B Titleblock Content
DDGT120 2017.09.26 TEMPLATES Session VIII - Imperial Layouts Completed and Metric ANSI A
DDGT120 2017.09.26 7-58 Hexagon Slot Support Demo
DDGT120 2017.09.27 TEMPLATES Session IX - Layouts COMPLETED Imperial and Metric
DDGT120 2017.09.28 TGC Ch17 Dimensioning
DDGT120 2017.10.02 AutoCAD Ch28 Advanced Layouts
DDGT120 2017.10.03 AutoCAD Ch19 Adding Dimensions
DDGT120 2017.10.03 8-100 Gasket Dimensioning and Printing Demo
DDGT120 2017.10.03 Printing Demo
DDGT120 2017.10.03 TEMPLATES Session X - Center Mark Variables and Metric Tolerances Updates
DDGT120 2017.10.04 TGC Ch16 Section Views
DDGT120 2017.10.04 AutoCAD Ch18 Hatching
DDGT120 2017.10.05 AutoCAD Ch21 Working Effectively with AutoCAD Part I
DDGT120 2017.10.23 AutoCAD Ch21 Working Effectively with AutoCAD Part II
DDGT120 2017.10.23 AutoCAD Ch22 Accurate Positioning
DDGT120 2017.10.24 AutoCAD Ch24 Parametric Drawing
DDGT120 2017.10.25 AutoCAD Ch25 Working With Blocks
DDGT120 2017.10.26 AutoCAD Ch31 External References
DDGT120 2017.11.01 TGC Ch17 Tolerancing
DDGT120 2017.11.02 Intro to 3D Modeling in AutoCAD
DDGT120 2017.11.02 AutoCAD 3D Modeling 9-35 demo
DDGT120 2017.11.06 AutoCAD 3D Modeling 9-51 Demo Part I
DDGT120 2017.11.07 AutoCAD 3D Modeling 9-51 Demo Part II
DDGT120 2017.11.13 Inventor Project Setups and Overview
DDGT120 2017.11.14 Inventor Application Options Settings
DDGT120 2017.11.13 Inventor 9-51 Caster Demo Part I
DDGT120 2017.11.15 Inventor 9-51 Caster Demo Part II
DDGT120 2017.11.21 Inventor 9-51 Caster Demo Part III
DDGT120 2017.11.22 Inventor Sheet Metal Demo
DDGT120 2017.11.27 Inventor 9-51 Caster Demo Part IV - Assemblies
DDGT120 2017.11.29 Inventor 9-51 Caster Demo Part V - Presentations
DDGT120 2017.11.29 Inventor 9-51 Caster Demo Part VI - Drawings - Cover Page
DDGT120 2017.11.30 Inventor 9-51 Caster Demo Part VII - Drawings Detail Page I
DDGT120 2017.12.04 Inventor 9-51 Caster Demo Part VIII - Drawings Detail Page II
DDGT120 2017.12.04 Inventor 9-51 Caster Demo Part IX - Drawing Transfer Resource Wizard

Additional Lectures for DDGT120 review:
DDGT120 Fall2017 Inventor Templates Part I
DDGT120 Fall2017 Inventor Templates Part II
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 01 Project Setup and Side Plate
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 02 Guide
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 03 Axle
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 04 Hook
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 05 Roller Bearing
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 06 Wheel
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 07 Wheel Axle
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 08 Adjusting Washer
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 09 Rivet
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 10 Washer
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 11 Locknut
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 12 Cotter Pin
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 13 Sub-Assemblies
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 14 Beam
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 15 Master Assembly and BOM
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 16 Presentations
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 17 Drawings 3D Views
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 18 Drawings Dimensioning and Printing
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DDGT 121 SPRING 2017
DDGT121 2018.01.17 Mapped Network Drives and Printer Drivers Setup
DDGT121 2018.01.17 Inventor Template Locations
DDGT121 2018.01.18 AUTOCAD 11-55 Demo
DDGT121 2018.01.18 AutoCAD Revision Process
DDGT121 2018.01.18 Welding XREF Demo - Optional
DDGT121 2018.01.22 Inventor 11-55 Derived Parts
DDGT121 2018.01.22 TGC Ch19 Lecture I
DDGT121 2018.01.23 Inventor Revision Tools
DDGT121 2018.01.23 TGC Ch19 Lecture II
DDGT121 2018.01.24 Inventor Ch1
DDGT121 2018.01.24 Inventor Ch2
DDGT121 2018.01.25 Inventor Ch3
DDGT121 2018.01.25 Inventor CH4 Part I
DDGT121 2018.01.29 Inventor CH4 Part II
DDGT121 2018.01.29 Inventor Ch5
DDGT121 2018.01.29 Inventor Ch6 Part I
DDGT121 2018.01.30 Inventor Ch6 Part II
DDGT121 2018.01.30 Inventor Ch7
DDGT121 2018.01.30 Inventor Ch8
DDGT121 2018.01.31 Inventor Ch9
DDGT121 2018.01.31 Inventor Ch10
DDGT121 2018.02.01 Inventor Ch11
DDGT121 2018.02.01 Inventor Ch12
DDGT121 2018.02.05 Inventor Ch13
DDGT121 2018.02.05 Inventor Ch14
DDGT121 2018.02.06 Inventor Ch15
DDGT121 2018.02.06 Inventor Ch16
DDGT121 2018.02.07 Inventor Ch17
DDGT121 2018.02.07 Inventor Ch18
DDGT121 2018.02.08 Inventor Ch19
DDGT121 2018.02.08 Inventor Ch20
DDGT121 2018.02.12 Inventor Ch21
DDGT121 2018.02.12 Inventor Ch22
DDGT121 2018.02.13 Inventor Ch23
DDGT121 2018.02.13 Inventor Ch24
DDGT121 2018.02.14 Inventor Ch25
DDGT121 2018.02.15 Inventor Ch26
DDGT121 2018.02.15 Inventor Ch27
DDGT121 2018.02.20 Inventor Ch28
DDGT121 l2018.02.20 Logo Description Round 1
DDGT121 2018.02.21 Drill Press Bracket Assignment Description
DDGT121 2018.02.26 TGC 19.8.8 – 19.11 Fastening Devices + Supplemental Handouts Part I
DDGT121 2018.02.27 TGC 19.8.8 – 19.11 Fastening Devices + Supplemental Handouts Part II
DDGT121 2018.03.05 Logo Assignment Round 2 Description
DDGT121 2018.03.06 Photoshop Theory Lecture I
DDGT121 2018.03.07 Photoshop Theory Lecture II
DDGT121 2018.03.07 Photoshop Poster Lecture I
DDGT121 2018.03.08 Photoshop Layers
DDGT121 2018.03.12 Photoshop Masking
DDGT121 2018.03.13 Photoshop Poster Lecture II
DDGT121 2018.03.14 Photoshop Poster Lecture III
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DDGT 240 FALL 2017
DDGT240 2017.08.22 XRef Scaling Review
DDGT240 2017.08.28 GDT Lecture I
DDGT240 2017.08.29 GDT Lecture II
DDGT240 2017.08.30 Journal Bearing and Gunsmoke Assignment Descriptions
DDGT240 2018.08.30 GDT Lecture III
DDGT240 2017.09.05 GDT Lecture IV - Practical Application
DDGT240 2017.09.06 TGC Ch25 Welding Lecture I
DDGT240 2017.09.07 TGC Ch25 Welding Lecture II
DDGT240 2017.09.11 TGC Ch22 Mechanisms: Gears, Cams, Bearings and Linkages Lecture I
DDGT240 2017.09.12 TGC Ch22 Mechanisms: Gears, Cams, Bearings and Linkages Lecture II
DDGT240 2017.09.13 TGC Ch22 Mechanisms: Gears, Cams, Bearings and Linkages Lecture III
DDGT240 2017.09.13 Inventor Design Center - Gears
DDGT240 2017.09.18 Ch20 Belts and Chains
DDGT240 2017.09.19 Ch20 Chains continued and Couplings
DDGT240 2017.09.20 Ch20 Lubricants and Seals
DDGT240 2017.09.25 3ds Max Ch1 Part I
DDGT240 2017.09.26 3ds Max Ch1 Part II
DDGT240 2017.09.26 3ds Max Ch2 Part I
DDGT240 2017.09.27 3ds Max Ch2 Part II
DDGT240 2017.09.27 3ds Max Ch3 Part I
DDGT240 2017.09.28 3ds Max Ch3 Part II
DDGT240 2017.10.02 3ds Max Ch4 Part I
DDGT240 2017.10.03 3ds Max Ch4 Part II
DDGT240 2017.10.03 3ds Max Ch5 Part I
DDGT240 2017.10.04 3ds Max Ch5 Part II
DDGT240 2017.10.04 3ds Max Ch6 Part I
DDGT240 2017.10.05 3ds Max Ch6 Part II
DDGT240 2017.10.23 3ds Max Ch6 Part III
DDGT240 2017.10.24 3ds Max Ch7
DDGT240 2017.10.24 3ds Max Ch8 Part I
DDGT240 2017.10.25 3ds Max Ch8 Part II
DDGT240 2017.10.25 3ds Max Ch9 Part I
DDGT240 2017.10.26 3ds Max Ch9 Part II
DDGT240 2017.10.30 3ds Max Ch10
DDGT240 2017.10.31 3ds Max Ch11
DDGT240 2017.11.06 Adobe Premiere - Part I
DDGT240 2017.11.07 Adobe Premiere - Part II
DDGT240 2017.11.08 Adobe Premiere - Theory
DDGT240 2017.11.09 Adobe Premeire - Part III
DDGT240 2017.11.13 Adobe Premiere - Render Output Settings
DDGT240 2017.11.15 Machine Vise 3ds Max - Inventor Import Options Part I
DDGT240 2017.11.20 Machine Vice - ACME Screw Thread
DDGT240 2017.11.20 3 Piston Engine - 3D Printing Instructions
DDGT240 2017.11.21 Machine Vise - Importing, Linking, and Reaction Manager
DDGT240 2017.11.22 Machine Vise - Lights, Cameras, Logo Base Addition
DDGT240 2017.11.26 Machine Vise - Materials
DDGT240 2017.11.28 Machine Vise - Camera and Animation
DDGT240 2017.11.29 Machine Vise - Render Settings
DDGT240 2017.11.30 Machine Vise Exploded Assembly I
DDGT240 2017.12.04 Machine Vise Exploded Assembly II
DDGT240 2017.12.05 Machine Vise Exploded Assembly III
DDGT240 2017.12.06 Machine Vise Exploded Assembly IV

Additional Lectures for DDGT240 review:
DDGT240 2016.11.22 Engine Rigging in 3ds Max
DDGT240 2016.11.23 3D Printing Assignment Instructions
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