Inspiration to Ignition

DDGT 241 2016's Final Project

Team Members

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Alexander M. McKenzie

Project Manager; Office plane flight sequence; office lighting; plane flight path; cameras and camera paths, Lighting and materials for the hall sequence, 3D modeling jet engine in the office, Crates in hanger. "I was here."

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Herbert Wm. Rice

I was the stand-in team leader when Alex was busy with other things, as well as being the backup manager. I designed and built the hangar, hangar lighting, and the oil drums, pallets, workbenches, coffee mugs, and drop lights, using Revit, Inventor and 3Ds Max. I designed the camera path from the hallway door to the cockpit from the pilot’s perspective. I was the render manager, storyboard artist, and photographer, and created the time-lapse of the 3d printing of the plane.

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Louie Milgrom

For most of this project I assisted and helped in arranging and creating the objects for the office scene. This incorporated the use of Inventor, Photoshop, and 3Ds to create and manipulate the 3d modeled objects being used. I collaborated with my team throughout the different phases of the project in order to complete each stage. The overall project involved quite a bit of trial and error to take the groups collective vision from an idea to what we ended up with as our final result. Along the way our goal has to morph and adapt to challenges we faced in creating this video. Nothing is ever finished to a level that you want it to be, but that creates motivation to continue using all of this software to continue learning and experimenting with one's ideas.

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Brandon Monday

Throughout this project I was in charge of all tasks in Adobe After Effects (special effects); the rigging and animating of the airplane model, basic modeling of various objects, and the set up and rendering of multiple scenes. As the project lead of Adobe After Effects editing, I was able to expand my knowledge in the field of special effects and video editing using one of the top software in the industry. Although this project had many road blocks and obstacles, the team and I were able to overcome them all and produced a product we can all be proud of.

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Leon R. Bacud

For the project, I contributed mostly to tasks that required Adobe based programs. I also modeled some objects and converted others into ones that can be rendered properly in 3ds Max. I designed the site you see here to modern design standards so that it could be seen on different devices, all using Adobe Dreamweaver. I am also the audio director, which means I was the one who chose which sound effects and music goes into Inspiration to Ignition, choosing royalty-free Creative Commons-based music. I used both Adobe Premiere and Audition to edit the sound clips to fit the scenes. I also helped create the screen on the cell phone in Adobe Photoshop. Last but not least, as video editor, I used Premeire to arrange the rendered frames created from 3ds Max into sequences, where they were exported into an online video.

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