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Machine Vise

For this project, we used the combined efforts of Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk 3DS Max, and Adobe Premier Pro for the final outcome. Inventor was used to complete the 3D modeling of the part into an assembly. Once completed I then used 3DS Max to add animation. Once animation was finished and I had to render out all scenes, I imported them into Premier Pro and combined the scenes to make the video you see here. This is the first project I have done using multiple programs for completion. 3DS max allowed me to add materials for realistic looks and lighting and also create different camera angles to showcase all parts of the Machine Vise. This project was a great learning experience into using different programs and how to use them together and also a great way to demonstrate how animation is completed.

Machine Vise Iso 1
Machine Vise Isometric View 1

Machine Vise Exploded
Machine Vise Exploded View

Machine Vise Iso 2
Machine Vise Isometric View 2