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I was born in Fairfield, California and mainly grew up in Suisun. Since I was a young child, you would often see me with a pencil and paper drawing anything I knew how to draw. Initially, I enjoyed drawing animals, cars, flowers, and other objects. But I found my favorite thing to draw were faces, since there are endless ways to alter and create new people on paper. Other than art, playing music is also a big passion of mine. I started playing trumpet in 5th grade, moving onto euphonium, a large low brass instrument, into the 6th grade and high school. My love for art and music has motivated me to improve as an artist and set my mind on a career in the art field, specifically 3D animation.

High school really enhanced and expanded my art and music playing. I took art my freshman and senior year of high school, but was in concert band all four years. As a freshman, I completed a fundamentals art class and used a variety of mediums to do projects such as still life drawings, portraits, watercolor landscapes, and more. As a senior, I used the skills from my freshman year, as well as learned new programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. These programs introduced me to the computer-based and technical side of creating art.

I soon graduated from Vanden High School in 2017 and enrolled in the Digital Design Graphics Technology program at Napa Valley College. One significant aspect that has inspired my pathway to DDGT and 3D animation is the Bay Area. Living only an hour away from San Francisco, I have easy access to its amazing art culture, which offers many art programs to people like me. By taking the DDGT course, I’m learning the technical side to modeling, animation, and the behind-the-scenes of what I aspire to do.