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Nate Lair lives in Napa, CA. where he was born and raised with his four siblings. He was homeschooled for most of his traditional education, which gave him the opportunity to pursue outside interests such as the Boy Scouts, photography, competitive speech, and some vocational training. He enjoys auto mechanics as a hobby and works parttime as a paint correction technician for a specialty auto detailer. Nate enjoys meeting new people, as well as connecting with old friends. One place he’s done this is as a volunteer working with youth at The Father’s House church. He has successfully competed in public speaking competitions, giving him an edge with communication. Various jobs through school have given him experience with customer service, and various trades. Nate has been trained and certified to use various Autodesk software in a professional capacity. He is currently studying for an A.S. degree in Digital Design and Graphics Technology. Nate is a freelance drafter and designer who creates both technical and artistic drawings catered to the clients’ individual needs. He believes that ideas deserve recognition, and a way to be seen by others. Whether this is through a piece of art, a technical sketch, logo, graph, or chart, ideas need to be shared with the world.