Morales Construction Landscaping


My name is Pedro Morales Flores. I am currently enrolled in the Digital Design Graphics Technology (DDGT) program at the Napa Valley College. The DDGT program is my first experience with computers. Thanks to the time I have spent in this program, I have gained skills in Autodesk and Adobe programs such as AutoCAD, Inventor, 3DS Max, and Photoshop. I am passionate about digitally designing houses and mechanical assemblies.

My goal for the future is to obtain a contractor’s license and use the skills I have learned from this program to start my own business. Some of my hobbies are traveling, hiking, boxing and soccer. I have had the chance to hike with friends to places like Mission Peek Regional Preserve, Muir Woods National Monument and Yosemite National Park. Although they’re beautiful, nothing can compares to the kiking trails near my home including Pena Adobe and Rockville where I hike with my two loyal Siberian Huskies (Koda and Nala).

Soccer has been one of my favorite sports to play and watch. I’m fascinating with the idea of playing such a magnificent sport and be able to lose track of time, problems or issues going on. This always puts a great smile on my face and warms my heart. I spend every weekend playing soccer in the city’s league and end the weekend watching professional games on T.V.

My work experience goes back to 2012 where I worked for Jack-in-the-Box as a cashier and on the fryer. I spent a few months there before moving on as a courtesy clerk at Raley’s. It was not long before before I was promoted to a cashier. From there, I worked in the Produce and Dairy departmentds also as a cashier and grocery receiver. It was honor to receive awards for being the fastest checker of all three Raley’s in town, employee of the month 5 times, and one-time employee of the year.

Two years later, I returned to Jack-in-the-Box as I was offered a job as Team Leader. There I was in charge of running the restaurant, doing the inventory, schedules, and ordering the supplies we needed. By the beginning of 2015 I decided to leave and focus on school.

While focusing on my education, I switched jobs to one that was more flexible - working at a local movie theaters. I am responsible for cleaning the auditoriums, selling tickets, working in the box office and concession stands. I have received "Employee of the Month" several times and I have been offered management positions there but I have declined as my education is more important to me. I started working with them since mid 2015 and I am currently still there.

While working at the movie theater and being a full time student I decided to get a second job adding In&Out to my career from 2017-2018. Here I began working as a level 1 which duties include: cashier and calling out numbers. In the year I was there, I was able to move up the latter and reach level 4. This level required that I knew how to work the fryer, take orders with the headset, and other various tasks.

In addition to all of my other jobs, I have also been helping my dad since 2010 working with him in his Landscaping and Construction business on the side. I enjoy working on different things each day including: building pools, waterfalls, BBQ areas, retaining walls, driveways, and pouring concrete.

As you can see, I am a very hard worker!