Here are just some short paragraphs from each student that took part in making the commercial for the program, they're primarily the overall experiences and core components of what they contributed.

abicknell (Click Image For Student Website)

      Throughout the final project I was the Credits and Titles Producer, Screen Capture Instructor, and the Data Archivist. I was in charge of the opening and closing credits and also the lower thirds including instructing all of my classmates on how to use the Camtasia Software while archiving the data files within the servers we shared. During my trials with After Effects I was able to fully manipulate the program to do what we needed and found myself actually enjoying it. Working with a group was nothing foreign to me, but this experience definitely furthered my ability to work cohesively with my fellow teammates. If it wasn’t for everyone’s input and effort this commercial couldn’t have happened, and if it wasn’t for the DDGT program itself I wouldn’t have the skills to move forward in my career education.

eperez (Click Image For Student Website)

      As the Story Board Illustrator, 3D Modeler, and Special Effects Producer, I was in charge of creating a story board of the project to represent the general idea for the commercial. I was also in charge of creating the 3D rim wheel to showcase Autodesk Inventor, one of the many applications we learned in the second semester. As the Special Effects Producer I created the glow and short circuit sequence for the cell phone animation. During the final project I spent an incredible amount of time using and learning After Affects beyond the extent I ever imagined. There are many things I contributed, but I received more in experience and knowledge.

ivalencia (Click Image For Student Website)

      After 4 hard semesters full of digital, technical and professional information, I am proud to see what my teammates and I were able to accomplish in our final commercial video project. On the technical side of things, I created the cell phone used in the video using Inventor, one of the cool programs Autodesk has to offer. As a professional photographer, I hoped to demonstrate to my classmates/teammates my understanding of the project by photographing the elements and sites that appear in the video in the most complementary way to help convey the message of this team's project. I volunteered for and was assigned the job of “video editor”. To help tell the story, we also used a number of Adobe programs including Adobe Premiere. The process was long and hard, specifically when waiting for footage to be rendered by the computers, it was like “watching the digital pot boil”. As the viewer, one may miss the subtle details and the "harder than it looks" work done by my teammates and I. But if we think about it, we’ve done an awesome job of capturing the attention the viewer with something that looks just as great as what we see professionals doing in the real world.

jcowan (Click Image For Student Website)

      Throughout this project, I was The Core Animator and Website Designer. I did all the animation from the transitions to the phone explosions, including the DDGT Rim Wheel Animation. I also designed the website you see before you. During the time I spent in 3DS MAX, I learned how to manipulate the program using MAXScript in order to get the particle effect and rigid body system you see in the commercial. There was a lot of work that I did that goes unsaid here, but at the end of the day I believe the commercial speaks for itself and represents the program in the best way possible. Not many students have the opportunity to enjoy this widespread of a curriculum, teaching you skills that can take you in so many directions in life. Knowing that more students are going to be able to find out about this program and potentially further their lives and education made my time, effort, and stress worth it.

jviscia (Click Image For Student Website)

      Through this final project I became the group leader and coordinator, organizing meetings and keeping everyone busy and on task.  This is not my usual role in such endeavors, but it was a positive experience and I feel much more comfortable in a leadership role.  I was also responsible for the creation of, and some of the animation behind, The Robotic Hand as well as composing the music and organizing the sound effects.  The hand was created in Autodesk Inventor using several real world reference photos then rigged and key framed in 3DS MAX.  Sound effects were found online and imported into the video through After Effects and Premiere.

lrojas (Click Image For Student Website)

     Labeled as the Photoshop Guru, I was in charge of all the graphic design and media used to create this commercial. I was also the Primary Media Composer and the Architectural Master that created the Revit house that was shown in the 230 sequence. Learning how to render out Revit projects within 3ds Max after several attempts proved to be a noteworthy experience. Creating the audio using a peripheral of programs I was well accustomed to created a more creative atmosphere for the video. Working with my classmates helped me see how easy it was to execute our ideas. Without their help I believe the commercial wouldn’t have been nearly as astounding as it is now.

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