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Photo of me    I am Eliana Ebstein. I am a local Napa resident who is taking the Digital Graphics Design Technology (DDGT) program at the Napa Valley College.

  In high school, I took courses that focused mainly on carpentry. I helped in designing and leading a project to build a tiny house in the back of the high school. Although I am fond of carpentry, I was more interested on the planning and designing aspect of the project. This experience helped guide me to pursue a career in digital design. Additionally, I have experience working in customer service developing relationships with the residents of Napa and Vallejo. I enjoy spending my free time doing volunteer work and taking trips to the coast.

   My career goal is to become a drafter. In have begun my journey by taking the DDGT program. It is teaching me the fundamentals of how to work in AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, Adobe Photoshop, and much more. I am learning to hone my skills of precision and attention to detail while taking this program. I am excited to see what the future has to offer.