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I am, and always will be, a hard worker who has great respect for authority. Artistic creativity is my strong suit, and I have been able to apply it to my projects, personal or otherwise.

I am capable and/or proficient in using:
• Autocad
• Inventer
• Dreamweaver
• Photoshop
• 3DS Max

Work Experience
I am currently working at Napa Valley Art Supplies, where I have a hand in inventory, customer service, and retail.

Napa Valley College, Napa
Pursuing an A.S. Degree in Digital Design Graphic Technology (DDGT).
Projected graduation date in 2019.

Vintage High School, Napa
Graduated in 2015.

“Autocad Fundamentals” Certificate
“Inventor Intro to Solid Modelling” Certificate

2012 - 2015      “Academic Excellence” for 4.0 or higher multiple semesters
2012 - 2013      “Certificate of Excellence in Social Studies” in World History
2013 - 2014      “Certificate of Achievement” for “Excellence in Ceramics”
2014 - 2015      “The Honor Roll” for Fall Semester

Other Achievements
2013 - 2015      Showcased several ceramic pieces at Napa High School
2014                  Marching Band Season, designed official Vintage tee-shirt
2014                  Winner of the Napa Police Officer’s Association’s “Zombie Run”
                          tee-shirt design contest
2015                  Vintage High School Badminton Team Captain
2015                  Winner of the Vintage Art Week Contest


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