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Korean Structure

This structure was modeled after a building from the Changdeokgung palace, in Korea. I used the Wander app on the virtual reality sytem: Oculus Quest, in order to observe this building from several different angles and distances from the interior and exterior.

I created this model using the Autodesk Fusion360 software. This was a level 1 project, seeing as how it had no moving parts, but there were several aspects of this model I found to be decently challenging to create, such as the curved roof ridges, the rounded inversion of the roof, and creating a smooth transition between the roof and the corners of the roof eaves.

Korean Temple Front Left
Front Left
Korean Temple Front right
Front Right
Korean Temple Right
Korean Temple Wall Framing
Wall Framing
Korean Temple Wall and Ceiling
Wall and Ceiling Framing
Korean temple Wall Ceiling and Roof
Wall, Ceiling, and Roof