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Biography - About Me

   My name is Ahmed Omar Mostafa but most people call me Omar. I have lived in Napa, California my entire life. When I first entered Napa Valley College on the advise of the counselors I enrolled in a semester of engineering which included an attached component of Digital Design Graphics Technology (DDGT). Over the course of the semester I realized I liked the DDGT class more than the engineering side and after a few years of thinking I decided to complete the full two-year associates degree for DDGT.

   Throughout the DDGT program I am learning how to use multiple Autodesk Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs including AutoCAD and Inventor. AutoCAD is an industry leading drafting tool that aids a drafter in designing countless products and devices from architecture and automotives to electronics and everyday products that companies design and manufacture. Inventor allows the creation and simulation of both simple and complex three dimensional objects for direct manufacture. Additionally; I am learning proper industry drafting standards following American National Standards Institute (ANSI) practices. So far I have earned a certificate of achievement from the college's local Autodesk training center showing I have proficiency in AutoCAD fundamentals. I will earn additional certificates throughout the two-year degree. I am also learning machine tool practices and skills specifically with an engine lathe with these skills I hope to be a well rounded employee for any company dealing with Mechanical design.

   On a more personal note I have always liked technology, electronics, and history. I have additional interests in soldering and minor audio editing as hobbies. I enjoy editing audio files for fun and to make some improvements to my own personal audio collection. I also have a strong like for various types of high-quality coffees with particular interest for hand grinding my own beans, trying many different kinds and experiencing coffees from different origins.