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Gary Strommen Program Coordinator
(707) 256-7526Contact Gary Strommen Facebook  Instagram
Napa Valley College • Bldg. 3900
Gary Strommen Program Coordinator
(707) 256-7526Contact Gary Strommen Facebook Instagram
Napa Valley College • Bldg. 3900
Gary Strommen Program Coordinator
(707) 256-7526Contact Gary Strommen Facebook Instagram
DDGT120 - Digital Design Graphics Technology 1
Fall 2015 Video Lectures

DDGT120 2015.08.18 TGC Ch5 Design Visualization
DDGT120 2015.08.18 Windows Navigation and Mapped Network Drives
DDGT120 2015.08.19 TGC Ch6 Computer Hardware
DDGT120 2015.08.19 TGC Ch6 Computer Hardware Continued
DDGT120 2015.08.19 TGC Ch6 Drafting Tools
DDGT120 2015.08.20 AutoCAD Pt1 Ch1 Getting Started With AutoCAD
DDGT120 2015.08.24 AutoCAD Pt1 Ch2 Drawing and Editing Commands
DDGT120 2015.08.24 Scales
DDGT120 2015.08.24 4-37 Template Demo Part 1
DDGT120 2015.08.25 TGC Ch7 Sketching and Text
DDGT120 2015.08.25 AutoCAD Pt1 Ch4 Drawing Precision
DDGT120 2015.08.25 4-37 Template Demo Part 2
DDGT120 2015.08.26 AutoCAD Pt1 Ch5 Making Changes to Your Drawing
DDGT120 2015.08.27 AutoCAD Pt1 Ch7 Organizing Your Drawing With Layers
DDGT120 2015.08.27 TEMPLATES PART I - Layers
DDGT120 2015.08.31 TGC Ch8 Engineering Geometry and Construction
DDGT120 2015.08.31 4-36 Gasket Demo
DDGT120 2015.09.02 AutoCAD Pt1 Ch8 Advanced Object Types
DDGT120 2015.09.03 AutoCAD Pt1 Ch9 Analyzing Model and Object Properties
DDGT120 2015.09.08 TGC Ch10 Multiview Drawings
DDGT120 2015.09.14 AutoCAD Pt1 Ch11 Advanced Editing Commands
DDGT120 2015.09.15 AutoCAD Pt1 Ch12 Inserting Blocks
DDGT120 2015.09.15 TEMPLATES PART II - Third Angle Projection Symbol in Imperial Template
DDGT120 2015.09.16 TEMPLATES PART III - Add 3rd Angle Projection Symbol to Metric Template
DDGT120 2015.09.16 TEMPLATES PART IV - Metric Symbol for Metric Template
DDGT120 2015.09.16 TGC Ch13 Auxiliary Views
DDGT120 2015.09.16 AutoCAD Pt2 Ch7 Creating Templates
DDGT120 2015.09.17 AutoCAD Pt1 Ch14 Setting Up A Layout
DDGT120 2015.09.17 AutoCAD Pt1 Ch15 Printing Your Drawing
DDGT120 2015.09.17 TEMPLATES PART V - Layouts and Border
DDGT120 2015.09.21 TEMPLATES PART VI - Imperial Title Strip Border Creation
DDGT120 2015.09.22 AutoCAD Pt2 Ch9 Annotation Styles
DDGT120 2015.09.23 AutoCAD Pt1 Ch17 Text and Mulitleader
DDGT120 2015.09.24 AutoCAD Pt1 Ch17 Text and Tables
DDGT120 2015.09.24 TEMPLATES PART VII - Imperial Title Strip Content
DDGT120 2015.09.28 TEMPLATES PART VIII - Imperial Title Strip Content Continued
DDGT120 2015.09.29 TEMPLATES PART IX - Templates Completed!
DDGT120 2015.09.30 TGC Ch17.1-17.4 Dimensioning
DDGT120 2015.10.01 AutoCAD Pt2 Ch8 Advanced Layouts
DDGT120 2015.10.05 TEMPLATES PART X - Metric Symnbol Addition
DDGT120 2015.10.05 AutoCAD Pt1 Ch19 Adding Dimensions
DDGT120 2015.10.05 8-100 Demo Part 1
DDGT120 2015.10.06 8-100 Demo Part 2
DDGT120 2015.10.07 TGC Ch16 Section Views
DDGT120 2015.10.07 AutoCAD Pt1 Ch18 Hatching
DDGT120 2015.10.08 AutoCAD Pt2 Ch1 Working Effectively with AutoCAD
DDGT120 2015.10.12 AutoCAD Pt2 Ch2 Accurate Positioning
DDGT120 2015.10.13 AutoCAD Pt2 Ch4 Parametric Drawing
DDGT120 2015.10.14 AutoCAD Pt2 Ch5 Working With Blocks
DDGT120 2015.10.15 AutoCAD Pt2 Ch11 External References
DDGT120 2015.10.21 TGC Ch17 Pt2 Tolerancing
DDGT120 2015.10.22 AutoCAD 3D I - Overview, Navigation Tools, REG, PE, REV
DDGT120 2015.10.26 AutoCAD 3D II - UNI, SU, AL, ROTATE3D
DDGT120 2015.10.27 AutoCAD 3D III - Assembly, Exploded Views, Layouts, Balloons, and Additional Tools
DDGT120 2015.11.02 Inventor 9-51 Caster Assembly I - Intro and Axle
DDGT120 2015.11.03 Inventor 9-51 Caster Assembly II - Bushing and Wheel
DDGT120 2015.11.04 Inventor 9-51 Caster Assembly III - Top Plate and Axle Support
DDGT120 2015.11.05 Inventor 9-51 Caster Assembly IV - Assembly
DDGT120 2015.11.09 Inventor 9-51 Caster Assembly V - Presentation Views and Drawings Intro
DDGT120 2015.11.10 Inventor 9-51 Caster Assembly VI - Complete
DDGT120 2015.11.12 14-90 Bracket Dimensioning
DDGT120 2015.11.23 Inventor Templates Imperial Start
DDGT120 2015.11.24 Inventor Templates Imperial ANSI A B Title Block Finished
DDGT120 2015.11.25 Inventor Templates Imperial ANSI C, ANSI D, ARCH D
DDGT120 2015.11.30 Inventor Templates Completed and Drawing Transfer Wizard

For Reference:
11/17/2014 - Inventor Trolley Guide and Cotter Pin
11/26/2014 - 14-83 Trolley Sub Assemblies and Bill of Materials
12/04/2014 - 14-83 Trolley Assemblies, Presentations, BOM, Drawings

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