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Gary Strommen Program Coordinator
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Napa Valley College • Bldg. 3900
Gary Strommen Program Coordinator
(707) 256-7526Contact Gary Strommen
Napa Valley College • Bldg. 3900
Gary Strommen Program Coordinator
(707) 256-7526Contact Gary Strommen
DDGT120 - Digital Design Graphics Technology 1
Fall 2016 Video Lectures

DDGT120 2016.08.16 Mapped Network Drives, Windows Explorer Customization, Printer Drivers (No Audio)
DDGT120 2016.08.16 TGC Ch5 Design Visualization (No Audio)
DDGT120 2016.08.17 TGC Ch6 Technical Drawing Tools (No Audio)
DDGT120 2016.08.18 AutoCAD Ch1 Getting Started With AutoCAD
DDGT120 2016.08.22 AutoCAD Ch2 Basic Drawing and Editing Commands
DDGT120 2016.08.22 Scales
DDGT120 2016.08.23 AutoCAD Ch4 Drawing Precision in AutoCAD
DDGT120 2016.08.23 AutoCAD Ch5 Making Changes in Your Drawing (Part 1)
DDGT120 2016.08.24 TGC Ch7 Sketching and Text - Linetypes
DDGT120 2016.08.24 AutoCAD Ch5 Making DChanges in Your Drawing (Part 2)
DDGT120 2016.08.24 4-37 Template Demo
DDGT120 2016.08.25 AutoCAD Ch7 Organizing Your Drawing With Layers
DDGT120 2016.08.25 TEMPLATES I - Layers
DDGT120 2016.08.29 TGC Ch8 Engineering Geometry and Construction
DDGT120 2016.08.31 AutoCAD Ch8 Advanced Object Types
DDGT120 2016.09.01 AutoCAD Ch9 Analyzing Model and Object Properties
DDGT120 2016.9.07 TGC Ch10 Multiview Drawings
DDGT120 2016.09.12 AutoCAD Ch11 Advanced Editing Commands
DDGT120 2016.09.13 AutoCAD Ch12 Inserting Blocks
DDGT120 2016.09.13 TEMPLATES II - Symbols as Blocks
DDGT120 2016.09.14 TGC Ch13 Auxiliary Views
DDGT120 2016.09.14 AutoCAD Ch27 Creating Templates
DDGT120 2016.09.15 AutoCAD Ch14 Setting Up a Layout and Ch15 Printing Your Drawing
DDGT120 2016.09.19 TEMPLATES III - Layouts, Borders, Title Strips
DDGT120 2016.09.20 AutoCAD Ch29 Annotation Styles and TEMPLATES IV - Styles
DDGT120 2016.09.21 AutoCAD Ch17 Text and Multileaders
DDGT120 2016.09.21 TEMPLATES V Title Block Text
DDGT120 2016.09.22 AutoCAD Ch17 Tables
DDGT120 2016.09.22 TEMPLATES VI Title Block Text Continued
DDGT120 2016.09.26 TEMPLATES VII Table Styles, Parts List, Imperial Layouts Finished
DDGT120 2016.09.27 TEMPLATES VIII Metric Template Updated
DDGT120 2016.09.28 TEMPLATES IX Finalized
DDGT120 2016.09.28 TGC Ch17 Dimensioning Part 1
DDGT120 2016.09.29 TGC Ch17 Dimensioning Part 2
DDGT120 2016.09.29 AutoCAD Ch28 Advanced Layouts
DDGT120 2016.10.03 AutoCAD Ch19 Adding Dimensions
DDGT120 2016.10.04 TEMPLATES X Additions
DDGT120 2016.10.04 8-100 Dimensioning
DDGT120 2016.10.05 TGC Ch16 Section Views
DDGT120 2016.10.05 AutoCAD Ch18 Hatching
DDGT120 2016.10.06 AutoCAD Ch21 Working Effectively in AutoCAD
DDGT120 2016.10.10 AutoCAD Ch22 Accurate Positioning
DDGT120 2016.10.10 AutoCAD Ch24 Parametric Drawing I
DDGT120 2016.10.11 AutoCAD Ch24 Parametric Drawing II
DDGT120 2016.10.11 AutoCAD Ch25 Working With Blocks
DDGT120 2016.10.12 AutoCAD Ch31 External References
DDGT120 2016.10.12 AutoCAD Certified Professional Review 1
DDGT120 2016.10.13 AutoCAD Certified Professional Review 2
DDGT120 2016.10.17 8-100 Dimensioning Completed
DDGT120 2016.10.19 TGC Ch17 Tolerancing
DDGT120 2016.10.24 AutoCAD 3D LESSON I - GUI, Theory, and Revolve
DDGT120 2016.10.25 AutoCAD 3D LESSON II - Additional 3D Tools
DDGT120 2016.10.26 AutoCAD 3d LESSON III - Assemblies and Layouts
DDGT120 2016.10.31 Inventor Intro and Parts (Axle)
DDGT120 2016.11.01 Inventor Parts (Bushing, Wheel, Top Plate)
DDGT120 2016.11.02 Inventor Parts (Axle Support and Bracket)
DDGT120 2016.11.03 Inventor Assemblies
DDGT120 2016.11.07 Inventor Presentations
DDGT120 2016.11.09 Inventor Drawing Views and Tables
DDGT120 2016.11.10 Inventor Drawing Dimensions
DDGT120 2016.11.14 Inventor Trolley - Side Plate and Guide
DDGT120 2016.11.15 Inventor Trolley - Remaining Parts
DDGT120 2016.11.16 Inventor Trolley - Assemblies and Bill of Materials
DDGT120 2016.11.17 Inventor Trolley - Presentation Views and Drawing Setup
DDGT120 2016.11.22 Inventor Templates I
DDGT120 2016.11.28 Inventor Templates II
DDGT120 2016.11.29 Inventor Templates III
DDGT120 2016.11.30 Backups
DDGT120 2016.12.01 Inventor Templates IV

Digital Design Graphics Technology
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