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Napa Valley College • Bldg. 3900
Gary Strommen Program Coordinator
(707) 256-7526Contact Gary Strommen Facebook Instagram
Napa Valley College • Bldg. 3900
Gary Strommen Program Coordinator
(707) 256-7526Contact Gary Strommen Facebook Instagram
DDGT120 - Digital Design Graphics Technology 1 Fall 2019

The first of a four course series in the Digital Design Graphics Technology A.S. Degree program. This course enables the student to learn and apply the fundamental skills of technical drawing towards the creation of graphical engineering documents per current industry standards. Topics covered include national and international drafting standards, drawing scales, two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometric construction, orthographic projection, auxiliary views, sectioning, dimensioning, external references, creation and modification of templates, computer-aided drafting (CAD), basic reverse engineering of parts, and three-dimensional modeling using the latest version of the Autodesk AutoCAD software.

Documents: Syallabus and Handouts Top of Page

Download TGC Book
DDGT120 Syllabus Fall 2019
DDGT120 Schedule Fall 2019
DDGT120 Assignment List Fall 2019
DDGT120 ASCENT Reading Participation Fall 2019
DDGT120 Reading Participation Fall 2019

Working Drawing Checklist

AutoCAD Layers
Title Block Border Dimensions 1
Title Block Border Dimensions 2
Title Block Notation 1
Third Angle Projection Symbol Dimensions
     Third Angle Projection Symbol Demo
Imperial Text Styles
Imperial Dimension Style
Imperial Multi-Leader Block Syle
Imperial Multi-Leader Text Style
Imperial Multi-Leader Revision Style
Imperial Table Style - Parts List
Imperial Table Style - Revisions
Imperial Parts List Dimensions

AutoCAD Layers
Metric Symbol Dimensions
Metric Text Styles
Metric Dimension Style
Metric Multi-Leader Block Style
Metric Multi-Leader Text Style
Metric Mulit-Leader Revision Style
Metric Table Style - Parts List
Metric Table Style - Revisions
Metric Parts List Dimensions
     Dynamic Title Block Demo

Business Card Horizontal BMP
Business Card Vertical BMP

Assignments Top of Page

Reading Participation Ch7
Reading Participation Ch8
Reading Participation Ch10
Reading Participation Ch13
Reading Participation Ch17.1-17.4
Reading Participation Ch16
Reading Participation Ch17.5-17.9

Handout 5.52 Matching Objects
Handout 5.53 Matching Objects
Handout 5.54 P or Q
Handout 5.62 Matching
Architect Fractional Inch vs Engineering Decimal Inch
Handout 6.5 Reading Metric Scales
Handout 6.6 Reading Engineer's Scale
Handout 6.7 Reading Architect's Scale
Handout Scales
If you print the "Scales" assignment yourself, print at actual size.
Handout Linetypes
ASCENT - Practice 2A
ASCENT - Practice 5B
     #2 - ASCENT - Practice 5B Instructions
AutoCAD 4-37 Template
      OR AutoCAD 8.141 Centering Plate*
AutoCAD 4-39 Shaft Support
      OR AutoCAD 8.142 Ref. Plate*
AutoCAD 4-38 Carburetor Gasket
      OR AutoCAD 4-30*
AutoCAD 4-36 Gasket
AutoCAD 4-46 Reel Slide
      OR AutoCAD 8.149 Multi Port*
AutoCAD 5-31 Adjustable Fork
      OR AutoCAD 8.148 Harness Guide*
AutoCAD 8-100 Gasket
AutoCAD Third Angle Projection Symbol
     Third Angle Projection Symbol Video Tutorial
AutoCAD Title Block ANSI A
     DDGT120 TITLEBLOCK ANSI A Video Tutorial
AutoCAD Title Block ANSI B
     DDGT120 TITLEBLOCK ANSI B Video Tutorial
AutoCAD Title Block ANSI C
     DDGT120 TITLEBLOCK ANSI C Video Tutorial
AutoCAD Title Block ANSI D
     DDGT120 TITLEBLOCK ANSI D Video Tutorial
AutoCAD Title Block ARCH D
     DDGT120 TITLEBLOCK ARCH D Video Tutorial
AutoCAD 8.151 Filter
Reminder: September Meeting
AutoCAD 5-32 Rocker Arm
      OR AutoCAD 8-89 Bracket
AutoCAD 6-80 Adjusting Guide
      OR AutoCAD 6-81 Flanged Support
AutoCAD 6-85 Angle Block
AutoCAD 6-86 Base Plate
      OR AutCAD 6-89 Base
Handout 5.55 Surface Match

For assignments 293 - 298, Create Front, Top, and Right Side views on graph paper; ODD ONLY
     Graph Paper 293 1-11 odd
     Graph Paper 294 13-23 odd
     Graph Paper 295 25-35 odd
     Graph Paper 296 37-47 odd
     Graph Paper 297 49-59 odd
     Graph Paper 298 61-71 odd

For assignments 548-550, Add the missing view on graph paper; ODD ONLY
     Handout 548 1-11 odd
     Handout 549 13-23 odd
     Handout 550 25-36 odd

For assignments 551 + 552, Add the missing features on graph paper; ODD ONLY
     Handout 551 1-11 odd
     Handout 552 13-23 odd

ASCENT - Practice 12A
     Note - for ASCENT Practice 12A: Landscaping.dwg location:
     C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2020\Sample\en-us\DesignCenter\Landscaping.dwg

AutoCAD 7-43 Angle Bracket
      OR AutoCAD 13.22 Automatic Stop*
AutoCAD 7-46 Cross Slide Bracket
      OR AutoCAD 8-19*
AutoCAD 7-53 Connecting Bar (Extra Credit)
AutoCAD 7-58 Hexagon Slot Support
AutoCAD 7-59 Dovetail Bracket
AutoCAD 7-60 Pivot Arm (Extra Credit)
ASCENT - Practice 28A
ASCENT - Practice 28B
Reminder: October Meeting
8-100 Gasket - Working Drawing Printed (led by instructor)
     DDGT120 8-100 Gasket Dimensioning and Printing Demo
     DDGT120 Printing Demo
AutoCAD 8-83 Adjustable Table Support
      OR 8-86 Adjustable Sector Visual Checkoff
AutoCAD 9-35 Shaft Base
AutoCAD 9-39 Casing
     2018.01.10 DDGT120 9-39 Casing 3D Demo
     2018.01.11 DDGT120 DEMO - ANSI D Layout Additions
ASCENT - Practice 18B
ASCENT - Practice 24A
ASCENT - Practice 25A
AutoCAD 8-72 Template as XREF
     XREF Assignment Description
AutoCAD and Inventor 9-51 Caster
Reverse Engineering: Slide Bracket
Inventor 14-90 Caster
Reminder: November Meeting
23-54 Motor Support Inventor Sheet Metal
     DDGT120 23-54 Motor Support Inventor Sheet Metal Demo
Inventor 14-83 Trolley

* If you took DDGT110 in the last year, please do this alternate assignment.

Additional Practice Assignments

Lectures Top of Page

Reference Videos:
2015 AutoCAD 3D Toolbars
2015 AutoCAD Create a CTB - Color Table File for Printing
2015 Inventor Application Options
Inventor Cool Orange Thread Modeler Add On
DDGT120 2017.10.03 8-100 Gasket Dimensioning and Printing Demo
DDGT120 2017.10.03 Printing Demo
DDGT240 2016.10.12 AutoCAD Certified Professional Review 1
DDGT240 2016.10.13 AutoCAD Certified Professional Review 2

DDGT120 2019.08.15 Setup Email and Port Forwarding
DDGT120 2019.08.15 How to Access Canvas
DDGT120 2019.08.15 Ch5 Design Visualization
DDGT120 2019.08.15 Handout Assignment Descriptions
DDGT120 2019.08.15 Setup Mapped Network Drives
DDGT120 2019.08.15 Windows File Management
DDGT120 2019.08.19 Adobe Account Setup
DDGT120 2019.08.19 TGC Ch6 Technical Drawing Tools
DDGT120 2019.08.19 Metric Scales
DDGT120 2019.08.20 AutoCAD Ch1 Getting Started With AutoCAD
DDGT120 2019.08.20 Architectural Scale
DDGT120 2019.08.21 AutoCAD Ch2 Basic Drawing and Editing Commands
DDGT120 2019.08.21 Engineering Scale
DDGT120 2019.08.22 TGC Ch7 Sketching and Text
DDGT120 2019.08.22 Linetypes
DDGT120 2019.08.22 AutoCAD Ch4 Drawing Precision in AutoCAD
DDGT120 2019.08.26 AutoCAD Ch5 Making Changes in Your Drawing
DDGT120 2019.08.26 4-37 Demo
DDGT120 2019.08.27 AutoCAD Ch7 Organizing Your Drawing With Layers
DDGT120 2019.08.27 Templates I - Layers
DDGT120 2019.08.28 Array Introduction
DDGT120 2019.08.28 TGC Ch8 Engineering Geometry and Construction
DDGT120 2019.08.29 Demo 4-36 Gasket
DDGT120 2019.09.03 AutoCAD Ch8 Advanced Object Types
DDGT120 2019.09.04 TGC Ch10 Multiview Drawings
DDGT120 2019.09.09 AutoCAD Ch9 Analyzing Model and Object Properties
DDGT120 2019.09.09 AutoCAD Ch11 Advanced Editing Commands I
DDGT120 2019.09.10 AutoCAD Ch11 Advanced Editing Commands II
DDGT120 2019.09.10 AutoCAD Ch12 Blocks I
DDGT120 2019.09.11 AutoCAD Ch12 Blocks II
DDGT120 2019.09.11 TGC Ch13 Auxiliary Views
DDGT120 2019.09.17 AutoCAD Ch14 Setting Up a Layout
DDGT120 2019.09.17 AutoCAD Ch15 Printing Your Drawing
DDGT120 2019.09.18 TEMPLATES II - Layout Tabs and Metric Symbol
DDGT120 2019.09.19 TEMPLATES III - Borders and Titleblocks
DDGT120 2019.09.19 AutoCAD Ch29 Annotation Styles and TEMPLATES IV - Styles
DDGT120 2019.09.23 AutoCAD Ch29 Annotation Styles and TEMPLATES V - Table Styles
DDGT120 2019.09.23 AutoCAD Ch17 Text and Multi Leaders
DDGT120 2019.09.24 AutoCAD Ch17 Tables
DDGT120 2019.09.24 TEMPLATES VI - Parts Lists
DDGT120 2019.09.25 TEMPLATES VII - Text
DDGT120 2019.09.26 TEMPLATES VIII - Completion
DDGT120 2019.09.30 TEMPLATES IX - Metric Tolerances Update
DDGT120 2019.09.30 TGC Ch17 Dimensioning
DDGT120 2019.10.01 AutoCAD Ch28 Working With Layouts
DDGT120 2019.10.02 AutoCAD Ch19 Adding Dimensions
DDGT120 2019.10.02 TEMPLATES X - Global Variables

DDGT120 2017.10.03 8-100 Gasket Dimensioning and Printing Demo
DDGT120 2017.10.03 Printing Demo

DDGT120 2019.10.03 AutoCAD Ch27 Creating Templates
DDGT120 2019.10.07 TGC Ch16 Section Views
DDGT120 2019.10.07 AutoCAD Ch18 Hatching
DDGT120 2019.10.07 9-35 Section Line Demo
DDGT120 2019.10.08 Allway Sync Demo
DDGT120 2019.10.08 AutoCAD Ch21 Working Effectively With AutoCAD I
DDGT120 2019.10.14 AutoCAD Ch21 Working Effectively With AutoCAD II
DDGT120 2019.10.15 AutoCAD Ch22 Accurate Positioning
DDGT120 2019.10.15 AutoCAD Ch24 Parametric Drawing
DDGT120 2019.10.16 AutoCAD Ch25 Working With Blocks
DDGT120 2019.10.17 AutoCAD Ch31 External References
DDGT120 2019.10.22 TGC Ch17 Tolerancing
DDGT120 2019.10.23 AutoCAD 3D Lecture I
DDGT120 2019.10.25 AutoCAD 3D Lecture II
DDGT120 2019.10.29 AutoCAD 3D Lecture III - Materials
DDGT120 2019.10.29 Printing New Standard
DDGT120 2019.10.29 AutoCAD 9-51 Lecture I
DDGT120 2019.10.30 AutoCAD 9-51 Lecture II - Axle Support
DDGT120 2019.10.31 AutoCAD 9-51 Lecture III - Additional 3D Tools
DDGT120 2019.10.31 AutoCAD 9-51 Lecture IV - Assemblies and Layouts
DDGT120 2019.11.04 Inventor 9-51 Lecture I
DDGT120 2019.11.05 Inventor 9-51 Lecture II
DDGT120 2019.11.06 Inventor 9-51 Lecture III
DDGT120 2019.11.12 Inventor 9-51 Lecture IV Assemblies
DDGT120 2019.11.13 Inventor 9-51 Lecture V Presentations
DDGT120 2019.11.13 Inventor 9-51 Lecture VI Drawings I
DDGT120 2019.11.14 Inventor 9-51 Lecture VII Drawings II
DDGT120 2019.11.20 Inventor 9-51 Lecture VIII Drawings III
DDGT120 2019.11.21 Inventor Drawing Resource Wizard
DDGT120 2019.11.21 14-90 Sheet Metal Bracket I
DDGT120 2019.11.25 14-90 Sheet Metal Bracket II
DDGT120 2019.12.12 Final Review

Additional Lectures for DDGT120 review:
DDGT120 Fall2017 Inventor Templates Part I
DDGT120 Fall2017 Inventor Templates Part II
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 01 Project Setup and Side Plate
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 02 Guide
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 03 Axle
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 04 Hook
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 05 Roller Bearing
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 06 Wheel
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 07 Wheel Axle
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 08 Adjusting Washer
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 09 Rivet
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 10 Washer
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 11 Locknut
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 12 Cotter Pin
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 13 Sub-Assemblies
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 14 Beam
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 15 Master Assembly and BOM
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 16 Presentations
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 17 Drawings 3D Views
DDGT120 Fall2017 Trolley 18 Drawings Dimensioning and Printing

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