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Napa Valley College • Bldg. 3900
Gary Strommen Program Coordinator
(707) 256-7526Contact Gary Strommen
Napa Valley College • Bldg. 3900
Gary Strommen Program Coordinator
(707) 256-7526Contact Gary Strommen
DDGT121 - Digital Design Graphics Technology 2
Spring 2019 Video Lectures

DDGT121 2019.01.14 Mapped Network Drives Review
DDGT NVC Email Forwarding
DDGT121 2019.01.15 11-55 Wheel Assembly Demo
DDGT121 2019.01.15 XREF assignments overview
DDGT 2019.01.15 Allway Sync demo
DDGT121 2019.01.16 Inventor 11-55 Wheel Assembly Demo
DDGT121 2019.01.17 TGC Ch19 Fastening Devices and Methods Part I
DDGT121 2019.01.17 AutoCAD Revisions
DDGT121 2019.01.22 Inventor Templates Update and Setup
DDGT121 2019.01.22 Inventor Revisions
DDGT121 2019.01.22 TGC Ch19 Fastening Devices and Methods Part II
DDGT121 2019.01.23 Inventor Ch1 Introduction to Autodesk Inventor Part I
DDGT121 2019.01.24 Inventor Ch1 Introduction to Autodesk Inventor Part II
DDGT121 2019.01.24 Inventor Ch2 Creating the Base Feature Part I
DDGT121 2019.01.28 Inventor Ch2 Creating the Base Feature Part II
DDGT121 2019.01.28 Inventor Ch3 Additional Sketching Tools Part I
DDGT121 2019.01.29 Inventor Ch3 Additional Sketching Tools Part II
DDGT121 2019.01.29 Inventor Ch4 Advanced Sketch Editing Tools
DDGT121 2019.01.29 Inventor Ch5 Sketched Secondary Features
DDGT121 2019.01.30 Inventor Ch6 Creating Pick and Place Features
DDGT121 2019.01.30 Inventor Ch7 Work Features
DDGT121 2019.01.31 Inventor Ch8 Equations
DDGT121 2019.01.31 Inventor Ch9 Additional Features
DDGT121 2019.02.04 Inventor Ch10 Model and Display Manipulation
DDGT121 2019.02.04 Inventor Ch11 Fixing Problems
DDGT121 2019.02.04 Inventor 11-55 Wheel Assembly Section Demo
DDGT121 2019.02.04 Inventor Ch12 Sweep Features
DDGT121 2019.02.05 Inventor Ch13 Loft Features
DDGT121 2019.02.05 Inventor Ch14 Duplication Tools
DDGT121 2019.02.05 Inventor Ch15 Feature Relationships
DDGT121 2019.02.07 Inventor Ch16 Assembly Environmnet DDGT121 2019.02.07 Inventor Ch17 Joint Connections
DDGT121 2019.02.11 Inventor Ch18 Manipulating Assembly Display
DDGT121 2019.02.11 Inventor Ch19 Model Information
DDGT121 2019.02.11 Inventor Ch20 Presentation Files
DDGT121 2019.02.12 Inventor Ch21 Assembly Tools
DDGT121 2019.02.13 Inventor Ch22 Assembly Parts and Features
DDGT121 2019.02.13 Inventor Ch23 Assembly Bill of Materials
DDGT121 2019.02.13 Inventor Ch24 Working With Projects
DDGT121 2019.02.19 Inventor Ch25 Drawing Basics
DDGT121 2019.02.19 Inventor Ch26 Detailing Drawings
DDGT121 2019.02.20 Inventor Ch27 Drawing Annotations
DDGT121 2019.02.20 Inventor Ch28 Customizing Autodesk Inventor
DDGT121 2019.02.20 Logo Description for Round 1
DDGT121 2019.02.21 Drill Press Bracket Demo
DDGT121 2019.02.27 TGC Fasteners Part II
DDGT121 2019.03.04 Photoshop Theory
DDGT121 2019.03.05 Photoshop Interface, Settings, Brushes, Adjustment Layers
DDGT121 20198.03.06 Photoshop Masks, Poster, Guides, Bleed Area
DDGT121 2019.03.07 Photoshop Selection Tools, Smart Objects, Filters
DDGT121 2019.03.11 Photoshop Clone Stamp, Healing Brush, Content Aware, Dodge n Burn, Sharpening, Actions
DDGT121 2019.03.12 Photoshop Blending Modes revisited, Skew, Screen Capture, Image Editing (fixing)
DDGT121 2019.03.13 Photoshop Finishing of DDGT Classroom Image, Text, and Vector Introduction
DDGT121 2019.03.14 Photoshop Blending Options, Wikimedia Logo Vectorization
DDGT121 2019.03.18 Photoshop Pen Tool, Raster to Vector Part I
DDGT121 2019.03.19 Photoshop Raster to Vector Part II, Working With PDF, Exporting with Distiller
DDGT121 2019.03.20 Photoshop Text on a Path, Poster Completion
DDGT121 2019.03.25 Photoshop Save to PDF, Business Card Setup
DDGT121 2019.03.25 Photoshop Businesss Card Setup
DDGT121 2019.03.26 Photoshop Wedding Border
DDGT121 2019.03.26 Photoshop Web Button
DDGT121 2019.03.27 Photoshop Review
DDGT121 2019.03.27 Photoshop Dust N Scratches
DDGT121 2019.03.28 Photoshop Website Mockup Layout
DDGT121 2019.04.08 Ch13 Forming Process Part I
DDGT121 2019.04.09 Ch13 Forming Process Part II
DDGT121 2019.04.09 Reverse Engineering Assignment Description
DDGT121 2019.04.09 Ch12 Manufacturing Materials Part I
DDGT121 2019.04.10 Ch12 Manufacturing Materials Part II
DDGT121 2019.04.11 Logo Contact Sheet
DDGT121 2019.04.11 Website Homework over Spring Break
DDGT121 2019.04.22 Dreamweaver Theory
DDGT121 2019.04.23 Website Setup and Background Options
DDGT121 2019.04.24 Dreamweaver Library Items and Headers
DDGT121 2019.04.25 Dreamweaver Main Table modifications and Footer
DDGT121 2019.04.29 Dreamweaver Text Styles
DDGT121 2019.04.30 Dreamweaver Navigation Simple Bar
DDGT121 2019.04.30 Dreamweaver Navigation Rollover Buttons
DDGT121 2019.04.30 Dreamweaver Navigation Library and CSS
DDGT121 2019.04.30 Dreamweaver Additional Template Modifications and Favicon
DDGT121 2019.05.01 Dreamweaver Web Pages Creation

Additional Reference:
DDGT121 2018.04.25 Creation of AutoCAD Web Content
DDGT121 2018.04.25 Creation of Inventor Web Content
DDGT121 2018.05.09 Inventor 3D PDF
DDGT121 2018.05.14 Autocad Materials and PDF Export
DDGT121 2018.05.14 Microsoft Word Logo Placement

DDGT121 2019.05.06 Dreamweaver Save Images for Web
DDGT121 2019.05.06 Dreamweaver Tables
DDGT121 2019.05.07 Dreamweaver Resume Page Formatting
DDGT121 2019.05.08 Animated GIFs
DDGT121 2019.05.16 Final Review

Digital Design Graphics Technology
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